Why Reuse and Repurpose Your Clothes
Environmentalists and sustainability advocates have long been urging people to reduce the amount of waste they produce. This desire for reduction has been one of the driving forces behind the growing trend of fashion recycling. Reusing and repurposing clothes has become a popular way for fashion-lovers to make a statement about their commitment to the environment and to be more conscious about the resources they consume.
Fashion recycling encompasses a range of activities, from repairing and upcycling used clothing to purchasing second-hand apparel. By buying pre-loved items, consumers are actively diverting clothes from landfills and helping to reduce the consumption of petrochemicals and water used to create new clothing.
There are a few ways you can get started with fashion recycling. Buying second-hand clothing is a great alternative to buying new items, as it helps to reduce the environmental impact of the manufacture

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