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What happens to an object when we throw it away in the trash? Depending upon the lifespan of the material of the object, it will decompose; however, there are certain materials that can never decompose. What happens to these objects then?

Waste management activities ensure that the waste is properly treated from its inception to its disposal. Recycling Services is the leading provider of waste management services in Oman as well as for recycling services in Oman. We not only manage the waste, but also produce recycled products from waste.

Our mission to establish a venture that promulgates other institutes to function as an eco-friendly entity.

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Hazardous Waste Recycling in Oman

Knowingly and unknowingly, we end up creating a lot of unnecessary waste, which has not been optimally utilised to its full capacity. We understand just how difficult it may be for all individuals to manage their waste, that is why, you have us to do the needful for you.  With more than 350 landfills and various unauthorised dumping sites all over Oman, it is high time we turn to efficient and effective waste management practices. Resources are scarce, including land. The opportunity cost of giving up a piece of land to waste rather than for a more useful purpose like educational or health institution is very high. The cost will keep on rising if untreated waste continues to make its way to dumping the sites.

However, we at Recycling Services are on the mission to change that. Our services cover the initial step of collecting the waste from the location of the customer, to sorting the waste based on its composition, and finally to export the waste for the purpose of recycling. We corroborate that the entire process is hassle free for our customers. The ultimate step of waste management is recycling of the waste in such a way that can be used in a different reusable form. The products that we manufacture, through recycling, are further sold off in the market.

The demand for the extraction of unused resources is derived by the demand raised for new products. If we happen to bring the used products into reuse, we suppress the demand to extract resources which are already depleting in their quantity. By doing this, upto 60% of the resource is saved up. Waste management is the ultimate step towards sustainable development, where we can ensure that our future generation is provided with an equal access to the resources. More importantly, the preservation of the environment is being promoted by adapting to this lifestyle. It is our turn to give something back to the society. By availing our services you will be doing your bid to save the environment from the harms caused by rapid industrialization.

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