Why We Need a Recycled Companies in Oman

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Recycled Services Oman

Recycling the waste is an essential part of waste management. As a leading service provider of waste management services in Oman, Recycling Services, deals with the process of recycling efficiently. We procure different types of waste which includes both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. After the treatment of the waste, we obtain various products like, Low density poly-ethylene (LPPE) bundles, low density poly-ethylene (LDPE) adhesive, high density poly-ethylene (HDPE) bundles, high density poly-ethylene (HDPE) adhesives, Polyvinyl chloride granules (PVC), Polyethylene terephthalate, which is used to make bottles, containers, thermoform packaging etc., Polypropylene (PP),  Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) bundles, granules. These recycled products are sorted for the purpose of exporting, along with other sorted wastes like used steel and plastic drums.

Recycled Materials Waste Management

All of the materials thus obtained are reusable. Through this, we ensure that the resources which are already extracted, are utilised to their optimum level before being dumped. Through reusing and recycling, not only do we lower the demand for the extraction of resources, but also the quantity of waste to be dumped on the landfill is contracted up to 70%-90%. The state of landfill sites in Oman is a troublesome issue. These sites are prone to affect those who reside close to them adversely, by potentially exposing them to harmful toxins. The rag pickers are the most affected parties in this scenario. If the waste is properly treated before being dumped, the risk of exposure to harmful toxins can be minified.

The emission of greenhouse gases is sky-high. The untreated electronic waste releases various toxins into the environment. It was reported in the year 2017 by the UN that the world discards about 50 million tonnes of waste per year. This amount has been increasing ever since. The initiative of starting this venture, is a step towards improving the worsening statics pertaining to waste generation and disposal.

We at Recycling Services believe conserving the resources and protecting the environment for our future generations. Hence, we work on producing maximum possible recycled products from the waste we collect. All the products that are sold by us are a result of recycling. The realization that one is causing minimum damage to the environment from your end, is bound to bring a smile on one’s face.

Also, this offers possible opportunities to businesses as well. Based on the quality and kind of your waste, you can get entitled to availing a cost of your waste and have additional revenues with us. Also, if you purchase recycled raw material from us, it will reduce the cost of your production.

So, what are you waiting for? Write to us now to nurture the environment as well as your business with us.