Privacy Policy

Our company envisages building a relationship of trust with our customers. Our privacy policy explains what data we collect from the visitors of this website. In addition to this, it also explains how we handle, use, and store data that is collected on the website.
Kindly note that these terms of the privacy policy are inapplicable to that data collected from you in offline mode via customer care executives.
Please read further to get a clear understanding of the Privacy Policy that is followed by Recycling Services.

How Recycling Services define personal information that we collect
By personal information, it is meant that the information that helps us in identifying you and submitted to/by the website in an accessible form.
This information comprises of your Name, email address, and contact information.

How does Recycling Services collect information online on the website

There are two ways in which Recycling Services can collect your personal information:

  • Via data fields: Information is collected through the data that you submit in various data fields that are available of different webpages of the website. You may provide the information mentioned above to the website for different purposes which may include to receive notifications about new offers, to receive information about new projects, to contact customer service to resolve an issue, or to respond to surveys collected on the website. To safeguard your privacy, we advise you not to provide any information that hasn’t been asked specifically.
  • Passive collection methods: Recycling Services may collect information about your journey on the website’s different web pages without you exclusively submitting such information. Cookies, Internet Tags, and web beacons enable us to store this information. These technologies are used to make the use of the Recycling Services website easier for you, delivering you with a better experience by customizing the website based on the device that you are using, analyze trends, and improve the website. However, information collected through passive data collection methods cannot be used to identify you without additional information. 

Why Recycling Services collect and use personal information

The sole purpose of collecting your personal information is to respond to your queries by providing you with the necessary Customer support efficiently. In addition to this, once you have entered your personal information into the data field, Recycling Services may use this information to store your preferences which include the selection of web pages. This information may also be used for Business Development purposes, as we may notify you about the latest additions to the services and products of our company.

What choices do I have about my personal information on Recycling Service’s website

You always have the choice to either limit or not provide any personal information to the Recycling service, at all. However, by choosing to not enter your personal information into data fields, you may be unable to fill up a certain survey form that is provided on the website.
You can also choose for the website to not remember your preferences for webpages.

Who will have access to my personal information

Your personal information will be accessible only by a certain number of employees of Recycling Services. We imbibe the values of integrity within our employees to ensure that your personal information is not used for any other purpose or made accessible to any third party.