Sneakers, flats, stilettos, pumps, dress shoes, and loafers are items of clothing we often take for granted. Every day, millions of people slip on a pair of shoes to greet the outside world. But what happens when the shoes are no longer wearable?

The reality is this; most of the shoes that are thrown out to the landfill make up a huge impact on the environment. It’s estimated that over 300 million shoes are thrown into landfills in the US alone each year. The waste produced from these discarded shoes is not only wasteful, it’s an environmental tragedy.


The synthetic leathers and plastics used to make shoes break down chemically in the environment and emit hazardous pollutants into the air that can be toxic to nearby plants, animals and humans. Studies show that the toxins are easily absorbed by the skin and can cause serious respiratory illnesses and even cancer.

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