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Is plastic a problem or is it a valuable resource?

Many people view plastic as a problem!!!

Is it really a problem!!!

Many people view plastic as a problem!!!

Is it really a problem!!!

According to the World Bank, if urgent action is not taken, the annual global waste volume will increase to 3.4 billion tons by 2050, which is a 70% increase over 2018 levels. In 2016, the world generated 242 million tons of plastic waste, which It has led many to consider plastics a problem. But is plastic really a problem!!! The problem and the challenge is not in the plastic! The challenge is that we view plastic as a problem. And this problem will start to fade as soon as we change our view of plastic as: a valuable resource and how we treat it properly from its inception to its use until after its use to its recycling. If we assume that plastic is a problem! Is it the solution to this problem? Do without plastic? On the other hand, can we get rid of plastic in all industries? Plastic is used in most industries around the world!!

oil distillation

Iron and steel industries

Chemical industries

Metal industries

Wood industries

power cables

Electronics and home appliances

Packaging industries

Clothes and cars

and other industries

Can we really give up on plastic? Do we need to reconsider dealing with plastic? And if we give up plastic? Will plastic alternatives be the best solution? Plastic today constitutes 50% or more of the products and gadgets that are found in our homes and we encounter them and live with them in our daily lives, starting from water cans to television, phones, packaging and other products!! So is plastic a problem!! Why do we find plastic in all these industries and products!

Can we find suitable alternatives to plastic? Are these alternatives will be efficient plastic! Most experts agree that plastic is not a problem! But the problem and the biggest challenge in the way we deal with plastic, especially after the process of using plastic! So we should all work to improve the process of handling plastic after use.