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We at Recycling Services LLC envision and endeavour to preserve & protect the environment and innovate solutions and methods to constantly nurture the nature by providing best waste management services in Oman.

Recycling Service L.L.C is an Oman based recycling and waste management firm that offers specialized services ranging from waste management, waste collection, confidential shredding to waste distraction, recycling waste, producing recycled products and  a lot more. We got established in October 2014 with the vision of contributing to the recycling of the waste in the Sultanate of Oman by 100%.


Garbage collecting

We follow a comprehensive and sincere approach for waste management and recycling products, as we recycle wide categories of waste. From hazardous & non-hazardous, paper, plastic, metal, clothes, used oil, to confidential documents, we collect and convert the different kinds of waste materials in a form that can be appropriately reused. We ensure the secure transfer of waste between the place of its initiation and its treatment. Also, we pay sincere attention to retaining the secrecy of private documents and devices.                 

Recycling Service L.L.C also sorts, produces recycled products and exports waste materials for recycling and owing to this we have a wide span of products. We produce LDPE Loss, LDPE Bandle, LDPE Aglue, LDPE Granules, PET Loss, PET Bandle, PET Crash, HDPE Loss, HDPE Bandle, HDPE Crash, HDPE Aglue, HDPE Granules, PVC Bandle, PVC Crashed, PVC Granules, ABS Bandle, ABS Crashed, ABS Granules, PP Bandles, PP Crashed, PP Granules, used cooking oil, used engine oil, used oil, slug oil, used IBC drum, used steel drum, used plastic drum, used jerry can, and more. 

The acts of recycling and reusing are part of the solution to the emerging problem of global warming that the world is struggling to effectively answer. Recycling leads to reuse of things and reduction of waste which collectively and conclusively scale down land, air, noise and water pollution. In addition, it leads to conservation of energy and resources, creation of jobs, encouragement to eco-friendly technologies and more opportunities for business revenues.

This is crucial to note that according to The World Bank, global waste is estimated to grow by 70 percent by 2050. As per the organization, global annual waste generation is expected to reach 3.4 billion tones over the next 30 years up from 2.01 billion tonnes in 2016.    Apart from the alarming estimated figure, plastic has been troublesome for the environment and principally marine life. Plastics should be collected and managed properly as they contaminate and disturb waterways and ecosystems for several hundreds of years. Similarly, other kinds of waste also affect the environment badly, while they can also be recycled.

We collect recyclable materials under the process of waste collection and bring them back to the environment, our ecosystem, in a shape which is no more harmful.

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The cell program reward.

Zubair SEC's Direct Support Program reward

Entrepreneurship Award

one of best 3 small industrial companies in Oman

about our philosophy

Recycling waste


Environment is an essence of life and we have to protect it.


Lead the waste recycling industry in Oman.

about our Objectives

Raise personal and public awareness of environmental issues and the importance of recycling.

To develop best practice in the recycling industry

Maximize resource value, while minimizing environmental impact.

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