About Us

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Recycling services L.L.C specializes in the management and recycling of both hazarded and non- hazarded waste and its conversion into raw materials that can be used in a modern and innovative way at the local and regional level.

Why are we existing?

We contribute to reduce carbon emissions and waste dumping affect our daily lives by managing and recycling waste and creating environmental, social and economic value in Oman and in the rest of the world.


Leadership in waste management and recycling in the Middle East and North Africa


The contribution in converting as much waste as possible into raw materials that can be used in the manufacturing field in a modern and innovative way.


To be the leading manufacturer in the field of waste management and recycling

Our Message

To create environmental, social and economic added value for recycled materials

Team Members

Youssef Al-Akhzami
Marketing & Sales Executive
Manar Al-Abri
Internal Auditor
Mohammed Al Jahdami
Production and maintenance Engineer
Mazoon Al-Bahri
Environmental Specialist
Zainab Hassan
Hani Al Saidi
Marketing and public relation executive
Mujahid Alrahbi
Quality Control
Shams Al Julandi
Business Development Manager
Amjad Al Hashmi
Production Manager
M0hammed Al Buloshi
Administrative Manager
Ibrahim Al Ofi
R & D Manager