Why do we need to switch to recycled products?

landfillGlobal waste generation continues to increase because of rapid industrialization and urbanization. It has been predicted by the World Bank that the annual waste generation is expected to rise by 70% in 2050 unless urgent action is taken. Numerous steps can be taken to decrease the amount of waste generated, the most sustainable and efficient being recycling. From the conservation of the environment to fully utilizing a product to its full capacity, it offers a wholesome approach towards sustainable development. Many organizations have come forward to take the initiative of recycling. However, there is one major aspect that remains unhighlighted, i.e., switching to recycled products.

The ongoing debates by environmentalists successfully bought the attention of the world towards the importance of recycling, but recycling will yield favorable results only when recycled products are brought into use. Following are some reasons why you should switch to recycled products :

  • Reduces the need to extract natural resources
    Resources need to be extracted to create a product. Since resources are scarce, it is important to utilize them to their full capacity before extracting more. Bringing a recycled product into use ensures that the over-extraction of resources does not take place.
  • Urging producers to produce recycled products
    Where there is demand, there is supply. That being said, once every person shows their preference to use a recycled product over a virgin product, the manufacturers will be required to serve this demand of the consumers.
    In fact, many brands are adding the recycling wing to their manufacturing plants. And those who do not have their own recycling plants, are exporting their waste to recycling units. The recycled material is then bought into use again.

  • Low cost of production resulting in the low price of the product
    Since no virgin resources were extracted to produce a recycled product, the cost of the product is bound to lower down. A recycled product also saves up a lot of energy usage, bringing down the cost even more. It is a win-win for both consumers and producers.

  • Support for environmentally conscious businesses
    By bringing a recycled product into use, you are extending your support to the businesses whose sole motive is not only to generate profits but to save the environment as well. It breaks the social taboo that it is not possible to work for the welfare of society while earning profits.

While we cannot stop using products altogether, we can surely bring the consciousness of usage of recycled products into our lifestyle. That way, we will be doing our bit to save the environment from the harms caused by our own mistakes.

We at Recycling Services LLC are constantly working towards preserving the earth resources by ensuring maximum possible production of recycled products from waste.