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About Us


Recycling services L.L.C specializes in the management and recycling of both hazarded and non- hazarded waste and its conversion into raw materials that can be used in a modern and innovative way at the local and regional level.

Why are we existing?

We contribute to reduce carbon emissions and waste dumping affect our daily lives by managing and recycling waste and creating environmental, social and economic value in Oman and in the rest of the world.


Leadership in waste management and recycling in the Middle East and North Africa


The contribution in converting as much waste as possible into raw materials that can be used in the manufacturing field in a modern and innovative way.


To be the leading manufacturer in the field of waste management and recycling

Our Message

To create environmental, social and economic added value for recycled materials

Our Services

Recycling Services

Recycling services include waste and convert them into usable raw materials.

Waste Collection

Transports of both hazardous and nonhazardous waste.

Destruction and recycling of waste

Documents Destruction: Includes documents that contain confidential information and all types of documents.
Electronic Waste Destruction: It includes destruction to computers and all kinds of electronic waste.
Destruction of expired items: It includes the destruction of all types of expired itemes.

Total Waste Collected
Tons of Non-Recyclable Waste
Tons of Recycled Waste
Recycling Rate

Recent Articles

Recycling and waste management

We're talking about recycling today, and we'll go over several recycling-related things.

Many people believe that recycling and reusing are synonymous, however, this is not the case.

In general, reuse means repeatedly using something.

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Oman’s recycling opportunity

Every day, we see photos and videos of huge plastic debris sweeping wildlife and marine life. Why is it that plastic waste, or waste in general, is clogging up the ecosystem?

Society has become accustomed to convenience and a disposable culture over time. Inadequate policy frameworks and a lack of investment in vital waste management infrastructure exacerbate the problem.

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Recycling and the circular economy

The life cycle was safe before the arrival of humans. Plants, animals, and materials reproduce in nature, yet there are no landfills to bury them. Any waste can be used as nourishment by another organism. The sun provides energy for creatures to flourish and then convert into nutrients for the soil in a safe manner.

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